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DRM-20 Drill bit sharpener
Product name : DRM-20 Drill bit sharpener

Model Number : 2013523173016

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DRM-20 drill bit sharpener

1.The apex angle of the drill edge can be adjusted arbitrarily(from 0°-12°)
2.The size and angle of the chisel edge can be adjusted arbitrarily
3.The drill can be grinded no matter how short it is
4.The amount of drill to grind at a time can be ad justed arbitrarily

Model                                    DRM-20
Applicable diameter of drill             2-20MM
grinding scope of the apex angle         90°-150°
grinding scope of the dorsal horn        0°-12°
grinding wheel                     CBN150# common drill
power                                   220V±10%AC
motor output                            250W
Rate speed                             5000rpm
dimensions                         345*160*210(MM)
Weight                                   19KG
Normal accessories    collect 2-20MM,hexagon wrench 2pcs chuck group *2 group power cord *1pcs



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