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portable beveling machine
Product name : portable beveling machine

Model Number : GWS-6-100

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Angle circular chamfering machine GWS 6-100
Product characteristics
Native to Bosch Germany Bosch host for the rules of the workpiece surface (such as cylindrical, inner hole, the waist shape hole, etc.) and irregular, the external cavity edge chamfer, especially for large workpiece to chamfer some curved edge, general machine cannot processing, using portable circular chamfering machine chamfering, it is  convenient and quick. The product structure is compact, lightweight, easy to operate. It can improve the  working efficiency , lower costs, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
Applicable to mold, mold processing, machine tool lathe bed processing, steel processing, sheet metal, chamfering, PVC plastic plate chamfering, machinery and equipment manufacturing, etc., are widely used in iron and steel, steel structure, mold, metal processing, metal parts, etc.
Product parameters:
Model: GWS-6-100
Voltage: 220 v
Current: 3.0 A
Power: 670 w
Speed: 11000 / min
Chamfering depth: R3 or 45 degree
Weight: 3 kg
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