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Home >> Product >>Optical universal wheel dresser
Optical universal wheel dresser
Product name : Optical universal wheel dresser

Model Number : 201262820633

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optical universal wheel dresser  KT50

Height of centre 65mm

Max wheel diameter 205mm

Max size of arc may be dressed Convex arc 13mm

concare arc 25.4mm

Angle of wheel may be dressed 95°-0°-95°

Seroke of slide block 22.5mm

Over all dimensions(L×W×H) 230×75×97mm

1.This unit is used for wheel dressing on surface grinder and unversal tool grinder. Any sectional profile of wheel composed of straight line and arc can be dressed

2.Status of contact between wheel and diamond point of the dresser as well as the quality of dressed surface canbe seen clearly through the opticl sighting device.

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