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cutter grinder PP-U3
Product name : cutter grinder PP-U3

Model Number : PP-U3

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PP-U3  Universal Cutter Grinder/Carving Cutter Grinder

1.Used for grinding of HSS and carbide engraving/carving cutters with single and multiple flutes in various shapes.
2.With accessories provided carving cutter grinder can be set up to grind end mills,drill bits and turning tool.
3.Grinding wheel size 100 x 50 x 20mm
4.Halogen Light 12V
5.Large range 5C collets(?3mm-?25mm on option)

MODEL                            PP-U3
Max. collect capacity         ?16/28mm(5C collet:3-25mm)
Max. grinding capacity      ?25mm
Taper angle                    0° ~ 180°
Relief angle                    0° ~ 45°
Negative angle              0° ~ 25°
Spindle speed               5,000 RPM
Cup grinding wheel       100 x 50 x 20mm
Motor                              1/2 HP, 380V, 1/4HP,220V,50/60Hz
N.W. / G.W                     46kgs / 60kgs
Packing size                   55x44x40cm
Standard Accessories:
Grinding wheel                ?100x50x?20mmx1pc
Hexagon Wrench      M2.5x1pc M3x1pc M4x1pc M5x1pc M6x1pc M8x1pc
Cross screw driver          5x100x1pc
Screw driver                   5x100x1pc
Drive belt
                     1 pcs
Wheel dresser with diamond     1 pcs
Wheel flange mounted           1 pcs
Collect                      ?4,6,8,10,12mm(5pcs)
Twist drill grinding attachment     1 pcs
End mill grinding attachment        1 pcs
Lathe tool grinding attachment      1 pcs
Optional Accessories:
Working stand
Cup Grinding wheel
Drive belt

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