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Home >> Product >>Large size drill grinder TR-60A(80A)
Large size drill grinder TR-60A(80A)
Product name : Large size drill grinder TR-60A(80A)

Model Number : TR-60A/80A

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Universal drill grinderTR-60A(80A)
It is accurate, effective, reliable, long lasting and low-cost features.
The geometric forms and surface roughness of drill resharpened can be guaranteed by high rigidity, accurate position and rational structure of this grinder.
Taking into consideration of that a standard reground drill can improve working speed and quality, its economic benefit will be greater than above mentioned.
Apart from being a special drill grinder it can also be used for grinding other cutters or crafts by changing kinds of grinding wheels or dressed forms of grinding wheels.
Function: can grind various kinds of drills, such as standard twist drill, bottoming drills, multiple diameter drills, 2-four fact drills, masonry drills,wood drills, end mills, spot facer, and all kinds of flank, rake face, chisel edge and chamfering of point angle drills

Technical parameters:
Grinding range: Φ3-Φ60(80)mm
Grinding wheel diameter: Φ200mm
Top angle: 30°-180°
Back angle: 0°-15°
Power: 220V 50HZ
Speed: 2800rpm
Dimension: 58×41×45cm
Weight: 145kg

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